DIY Photoshoot

I'm not a fan of selfies, not even of getting my picture taken but since I love taking pictures of others I know I have to challenge my own insecurities. So what better way to do that than update my profile images (which were 5 years old oops!).

Honestly it really helps that I have awesome creative artistic friends willing to help me out whenever I ask. Thanks Amy, my Make Up Artist hero! 

With a fancy face all did up, plenty of natural light plus a sun light pointed at the ceiling, a grey background white tacked to the wall the scene was set! I sat as far back on my computer desk as I could while Amy sat on my windowsill and artfully directed my pictures. She made me laugh loads and in the end I really enjoyed having my picture taken.

I wont lie there was a little bit (a good lot) of Photoshop editing done but only a smidge of blur was used, pinky swear :P

Who knows! I might get another 5 years out of these ones :) 

Catherine Geaney