Sunday Times Feature

Best Sunday ever!

My Irish series made it into the Sunday times! It was so exciting buying a copy of the paper and myself and Eoin proceeded to pull the pages apart having a look for it. At one point I was sure I hadn’t made the cut but then we found it! I’m not going to lie, this page is going up on my office wall. Its been a year and half since I decided to take the plunge and work as a full time illustrator and its these moments that make me feel i’m on the right track.

While my Irish series began as a side project, it has quickly grown into something I work on every day. Apart from the fact I really love doing this it also seems to resonate with people.

I think i literally wedged this phrase into every Irish essay I had to write at school so it helped me out back then and its helping me out now :)

Catherine Geaney